Kidepo lies in rugged semi-arid valleys amid Uganda’s borders with Sudan and Kenya. It’s about 700 km from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

Teeming with a diverse range of Wildlife including 77 species of mammals and over 475 bird species, this protected area was gazzeted as a park in 1962.

Its fauna includes species that are rarely found in any other Ugandan Park. These unusual species include elands, cheetah, greater and lesser kudu.

Besides carnivores like the black-backed and side-stripped jackals, spotted hyenas, leopards and lions, Kidepo is home to larger species like Burchell’s zebra, bush pigs, Rothschild’s giraffe, Cape Buffalos, Bush bucks, elephants, Bush duikers, Defassa water-buck, Oribi, Jackson’s hartebeest and Bohor reed-bucks.

The 475 bird species are the reason why birders don’t want to omit this park while in Uganda. The list includes even the rarely seen species like the Kori bustard, Karamoja Apalis and Ostrich.

Top Activities in the Park


Without doubt Kidepo is an ideal destination for incredible birding excursions. It is home to over 475 species of birds.

You can see species like the Pygmy falcon, Egyptian vulture and more. Birders are advised to be in for the excursions either in the morning or evening time.

Game Drives

For great game viewing don’t hesitate to drive around the Park suburbs following the permanently established trails in a pop up roof Safari vehicle.

Kidepo is very large and you can do several game drives exposing you to varied Wild animals. Expect to see plenty of animals like elephants, Buffalos, Zebras, Giraffes, Bush bucks, hartebeests and more.

Nature/Bush Walks – Hikes

Kidepo features plenty of great places where you can do the nature walks. There is nothing more breathtaking than taking in the sweeping views of the surrounding on foot.

Outside the Park, you can do several hiking expeditions such as a hike up to Idi Amin’s dream lodge, visit the Ike people and a lot more.