Lake Mburo National Park is the nearest Park when travelling from Kampala the capital city of Uganda or Entebbe town by road.

This Park is geographically located in the Western part of Uganda near Mbarara town popularly known for its great Wildlife which attracts tourists from different parts of the World.

Lake Mburo National Park covers a great piece of land totalling to 260km2 including land and water areas. This Park is dominated by Savannah grasslands and woodlands although even some forested areas appear but not on a wide range.

Other ecosystems in the Park include shrubs, and swampy areas mostly characterised along the shores of the Lake.

How to get there

Traveling from Kampala by road transport means to Lake Mburo National Park, Kampala- Masaka- Mbarara highway is the best option.

It includes en route stop over at the equator in Kayabwe for some brief explanation about it, photographs, and snacks. Thereafter continue with the journey to the Park.

It takes about 7-8 hours for the drive from Kampala up to Lake Mburo National Park depending on speed used, traffic along the way, climatic conditions and included stopovers.

What to see in the Park

Lake Mburo National Park is majorly known for its wide range of Wildlife species including Wild animals like Zebras, Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions, Leopards, Topi, Oribi, Reed bucks, Bush bucks, spotted hyenas, civets, forest hogs, warthogs, bush pigs and more.

Primates in the Park include Red tailed monkeys, Blue monkeys, Black and White Colobus monkeys, Vervet, Baboons, and Mangabey and more.

Reptiles include geckos, snakes, chameleon and more. Lake Mburo National Park is also a major birding hotspot in Uganda. It is recorded with numerous birds including endemic and non-endemic species.

Activities to do in Lake Mburo

The major activities offered in Lake Mburo National Park include Game drives around the Park using suitable 4×4 wheel drive popup Safari jeep with the main interest to see different Wildlife species particularly Wild animals.

Other activities include horse riding, boat ride along Lake Mburo exposing you to numerous aquatic species such as hippopotamus, lizards and more.