This Park is geographically located in the Eastern part of Uganda along the country’s border with Kenya. It is bisected by Kenya- Uganda border with one part being on the Uganda side and the other part being on the Kenya side.

Part covered on the Uganda side is approximated to 1110 km2 of area where as the Kenyan part is approximated to 169 km2 of area.

Mountain Elgon National Park is popularly known for the existing physical feature known as Mountain Elgon. It also provides habitat to different Wildlife species.

Mountain Elgon National Park consists of montane forests, Savannah and grasslands, bamboo forested areas and shrubs.

How to get there

Travelling from Kampala to visit Mountain Elgon National Park in the Eastern Uganda is usually done by road transport means. There is no any nearby airstrip.

Travellers use 4×4 wheel drive Safari Jeep via Kampala- Jinja- Mbale highway to reach the Park. It includes a stopover in Mabira forest for some exciting activities like Nature walks, Zip lining if interested, visiting other interesting places within the forest

After, continue with the journey to cross the Nile Bridge for another stopover in Jinja town for some other activities like visiting the Jinja local market, boat cruise on the shores of river Nile, and more. After proceed to the Park.

What to see there

Although it’s famously known for the Mountain Elgon, this Park also provides habitat to multiple Wildlife species including Elephants, buffaloes, duikers, antelopes and forest monkeys like Black and White Colobus monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, Blue monkeys and more.

Moreover, the park is recorded with over 144 bird species including Jackson’s francolin, eastern bronze napped pigeon, turacos, sunbirds and more.

Other physical features with in the Park which attract tourists’ minds are caves, gorges, falls, calderas and more.

Activities to do

The major activity that attract tourists from different countries of the World is Mountain hiking. Cave painting, visit to the hot springs and nature walks are other pursuits which can occupy yours days in the park.