Semliki National Park is also known for its great huge variety of different Wildlife species. It attracts tourists from various parts of the World.

Semliki was firstly gazetted as a forest reserve to provide habitat for different Wildlife species but later in 1993 it was declared a National Park. It’s the newly gazetted Park in Uganda.

Semiliki National Park is geographically located in the Western part of Uganda within the Albertine Rift valley along Uganda’s border with Democratic Republic of Congo. It is near the Ruwenzori Mountains in the south west and Lake Albert in the north.

It covers a flat and undulating landforms characterised with different ecosystems including tropical rain-forests, montane forests, Savannah, grasslands, bamboo forested areas and swampy areas.

This Park is floody during the rainy season with most of its areas being characterised with water. Semliki is popularly known for the female and male hot springs although it’s also a good habitat for different Wildlife species.

The rate of growing vegetation in Semliki National Park is influenced by the changing climatic conditions including dry and rainy conditions.

How to get there

Traveling from Kampala by road, Kampala – Mityana – Mubende – Fort portal highway is the best option.

The time taken for the drive from Kampala to the suburbs of the Park usually depends on speed used, traffic along the way, climatic conditions and en route stop overs included. It’s also possible to connect from Parks like Kibale Forest National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and more to semliki National Park.

What to see in Semliki

Semiliki National Park in western Uganda is known for the female and male hot springs. These springs differ themselves unique with a great flow of hot water which can even be used to cook uncooked eggs and bananas. You just throw them in the flowing hot water and wait for some minutes.

It’s known not only for the hot springs but also for its great Wildlife that include Wild animals like Elephants, lions, buffaloes, civets, monkeys, kobs, spotted hyenas, bush babies, bush bucks, forest hogs and more.

Semliki is also home to over 400 bird species including endemic and non-endemic species. Reptiles like geckos, chameleon and snakes also appear in the Park.

Activities done in Semliki.

Activities to enjoy in Semliki National Park include game drives, nature walks, bird watching plus a visit to the male and female hot springs.