Explore Uganda, the unmatched destination in Africa. Located in the Eastern region of the continent, this country share borders with Kenya in the east, Rwanda in the south west, Tanzania in the south, Democratic Republic of Congo in the west, and South Sudan in the north.

You can get there by plane or road transport means (cross land borders). Rail and Water transport from other countries to Uganda is used only for transportation of goods.

The common mean used by most international visitors is air travel. All flights from various parts of the World land at Entebbe airport, the gateway to this remarkable destination. Uganda receives thousands of travelers per year including tourists who come in to soak up its natural beauty.

If your main reason for a trip to Uganda is tourism, there is a lot for you to see and enjoy. The list includes wildlife, delicious cuisine, lively cities, culture, rich history, physical features to name but a few.

For those who are after Wildlife, you have multiple places to visit such as National Parks, Sanctuaries and game reserves. There is ten national parks and are located in various regions of the country. Listed below are some of the top packages customized heading to these parks and other protected areas.